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I offer for sale, a superb, Napoleonic era, Neo-Classical, British, Mameluke, light cavalry officer’s sabre, almost certainly by premier British Cutler - John Prosser Snr. Of 9 Charing Cross, London, who was Royal Sword Cutler to the following English monarchs – George III; George IV and William IV. The sword is unmarked but ...  the styling is distinctly like Prosser’s work and he often did not sign his swords. I feel this sabre to be almost certainly Napoleonic in date from the styling, if I am incorrect, then the latest date about c.1820.


First to note is that the sabre comes with what appears to be it’s original, wooden, leather-covered, scabbard, which is lovely quality and heavy and chunky (and fits the sabre beautifully). The scabbard throat; mid-piece and chape are gilt bronze and are decorated in the Neo-classical style, the etching extends around every surface of each of the three mounts. The two suspension mounts have been constructed is a bulbous fashion, which is quite lovely to behold. There is minimal movement in the throat locket and mid-piece and no movement whatsoever in the chape which is firm on the scabbard. The scabbard leather is in good condition. Most of the gilding has disappeared over the years of service but, some remains on the throat locket.


The killic or shamshir type fighting blade is massively impressive! The unmarked, slightly curved, blade measures 31.5 inches in length (80cms) and 1 ¼ inches across in width at the forte (widening at the Yelmen). The flat back spine measures slightly over 1/8th inch across in width at the forte, making this a substantial fighting blade with a still keen cutting edge. The double-edged Yelmen is very impressive at some 11 inches in length. The blade still bears it’s original polish with just small areas of black oxidization present on both sides.


The blade is secure and solid with the hilt, no detectable movement.


The hilt is very reminiscent of the Ottoman Shamshir style, of ‘Star’ shaped counter-guard with teardrop finials, there is the Ottoman star engraved at the centre point of the guard. The grip plates are Ivory and secured in place with decorative rivets, which are all present and in good condition. Very minor cracking to both Ivory plates. Traces of the original gilding remain to the hilt guard bars.


Altogether, a superb example of a British,  Napoleonic era, Mameluke, light cavalry officer’s sabre, with it’s scabbard.


Ivory Self-declaration Registration for Sale number obtained from DEFRA and APHA, under the UK Ivory Act of 2018. The Registration number is: 5NEGR9F6

British Napoleonic Mameluke sabre

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