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Dramatic, oil on canvas, by T. Slowsky. The dark brooding and menacing sky, the massive, translucent waves of the tempest sea and the vivid colour palette used throughout, make this a 'must-have' painting.

The picture depicts a 19th century ship rescue drama in stormy seas, where a French sailing ship is seen in distress and a rescue is being attempted by another vessel close-by.

The French ship has already lost it's middle mast in the raging storm and both sailors and passengers are seen fighting to stay alive, and are lining the edge of the ship to try and get into the lifeboat. At the rear of the ship a sailor is seen caught and suspended in the rigging, or a 'bosun's chair', whilst other sailors endeavour to rescue him. Another sailor is seen climbing down the mast before is breaks!

Slowsky specialised and excelled in painting highly dramatic maritme scenes. His work has sold at Bonhams.

Signed and is presented in an impressively large frame, 42 inches by 30 inches.

French ship in stormy seas" by T. Slowsky

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