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I offer for sale a Victorian era, Royal Navy Midshipman's Dirk together with it's leather and brass scabbard, in very good condition and named to Officer: J.A. Crace.


The weapon is fitted with a Back blade, single edged, measuring 17 3/4 inches (or 45 cm) in length, which becomes double edged for the last 7 inches to the tip. The blade has a series of fine acid etched designs to both sides that include geometric floral swags with acorns, a sunburst above a Crown, a fouled Anchor, a "VR" cypher and a blank Cartouche. At the ricasso is etched the maker's name which has been partially obliterated with black oxidization. I believe it reads "Matthews & Company, Outfitters, Portsmouth".

Apart from a few small patches of black oxidization and a small nick to the blade edge towards the blade tip the blade is in good condition and a solid fit to the hilt. The original leather washer is still in place.


The hilt consists of a set of flat, brass, recurved counter-guards terminating at each end in an Acorn quillon finial. In the center of the guard is an oval brass cartouche consisting of a series of laurel leaves surrounding a fouled anchor surmounted by a royal crown. The brass Lion's head pommel and flowing lion's mane backstrap is one-piece and beautifully detailed. The wooden grip is covered in white Shagreen and wrapped in brass wire. A brass ferrule lies above the guard-bars securing the grip and from out of the Lion's mouth emerges a loose brass ring onto which a nicely detailed sword-knot is tied. All in very good condition.


The scabbard is wooden and covered in black leather which is in excellent condition. The ornate brass throat is engraved with the Officer's name "J.A. Crace", it has two loose rings to suspend the scabbard and has a spring clip screwed to one side which engages with a recess in the sword guard, to secure the sword in the scabbard when not in use. A decorative brass chape completes the scabbard. There is a tiny bit of movement in the throat but the chape is solid to the scabbard.


Overall, a wonderful surviving Victorian Royal Navy Dirk in very good condition.

Naval Midshipman's Dirk

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