The 1st Polish Light Cavalry regiment of The Imperial Guard (aka the 'Polish Blue Lancers'), was created under a personal decree of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte on 9th April 1807 and served him during the Napoleonic Wars, often acting as his personal bodyguard and reputedly saving his life on at least three occasions.


The Regiment, under the command of Count Wincenty Krasinski (General of the Polish Congress Army)  fought bravely in many battles, distinguishing itself at Wagram; Beresina; Hanau and especially in Spain with their famous up-hill charge at the Somosierra Pass on 30th November 1808, where they capturing four gun batteries.


The high morale and strict discipline of the cheavaux-legers polonaise was especially obvious during the retreat of the Grande Armee from Moscow. These Polish light horse was one of the few detachments which remained battle-ready and they won the respect of the Russian Cossacks who would often scatter at the sight of the Polish blue lancers.


On 16th September 1813 at the Battle of Peterswalde they smashed a regiment of Prussian hussars under the command of the son of General Blucher and they also took part in the Battle of Leipzig.


In 1814, while defending France the Polish lancers and scouts took part in nearly every battle of the period. They fought at Saint Dizier; Brienne; La Rothiere; Champaubert; Montmirail; Vauchamps; Montereau; Troyes; Berry-au-Bac; Craonne; Laon; Reims; La Fere-Champenoise; Arcis-sur-Aube and Vitry. They took part in the Battle of Paris and remained loyal to the Emperor Napoleon to the end. Finally they fought at both the Battle of Ligny and of course at Waterloo.


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Polish 1st Guard Lancer Czapska

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