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I offer for sale an extremely good German or Dutch 'Lobster Pot' or Zischagge helmet, circa 17th century (or possibly later?), with hemispherical one-piece skull embossed with six radiating ribs. The basin is fitted at its apex with a transversely-pierced finial and circular washer, at the brow with a flat ogival peak struck at the front with an unidentified maker's mark i.e. the letters "I over M" (the letter I would be a J so "J over M") and pierced at the rear with a rectangular hole to accommodate a sliding nasal-bar. The underside of the peak is struck with the Roman numerals? "III" and a tiny unidentified maker's mark. The nasal bar is struck at its leaf-shaped upper end with the letters "I over M" or to be correct "J over M", and secured at the brow by a rectangular staple and locking Wingnut-screw. The helmet is fitted at the nape with a slightly flaring, obtusely-pointed neck-guard of four upward-overlapping lames, and at each side with a pendent scutiform cheek-piece pierced at its centre with seven circular auditory holes in rosette-formation. The main edges of the helmet formed with plain inward turns and the surface showing the remains of a black-from-the-hammer, or oil-heated finish. Some of the interior attaching leathers may have been replaced at some time and one of the interior leather straps securing the lames of the neck guard is broken. Otherwise this helmet is in superb condition and would make a wonderful addition to any armour collection.


The Zischagge originated in Eastern Europe, having it's design influenced by Islamic Ottoman Turkish helmets of the time. It provided excellent vision and protection for the cavalry officers of the day (c.1630) and it's use soon spread throughout most of Europe. A typical cavalry helmet style, used throughout The Thirty Years War and The English Civil War periods.

17th century (or later) Zischagge helmet

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