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I offer for sale a lovely 17th Century, Spanish rapier, having a 94 cm (37 inch) long, flattened diamond-section blade, which has incised within the 17 cm long, deep fuller, the following: “SINAL ES DIOS NOSTER SINIO” in Galician, which translates as “The Sign is God our Father”. On the other side of the blade is incised, “CLEMENS XXXXX(?) XX(?) SOLINGEN” (I cannot quite make out the surname of the German cutler).


The blade is in overall good condition, with just the very slightest distortion to the mid-section (barely noticeable). It is a good and tight fit with the hilt.


The rapier has a characteristic hilt comprising of two, acutely back-swept, asymmetric, shell guards, decorated with engraved foliage and stylised Tulips (hinting at the Spanish occupation of the Netherlands perhaps?). The recurved cross-guard has ring-turned, swollen terminals and a “D” shaped knuckle guard emanating from it, with baluster at mid-section. The terminal of the knuckle guard just touches the Bun shaped pommel. The two, large Pas d’ane finger rings emanate mid-section and forwards of the cross-guard to attached via four rivets to the inside of the shell guard. Later Copper wire bound grip.


All in all, a very nice 17th century Spanish sword.


Price: £1,850.00+pp

17th century Spanish rapier

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