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I offer for sale a very rare, 1803 pattern, British infantry, Flank Officer's sword with an Ivory grip (the Ivory gripped examples were only issued to the highest ranking officers). This pattern of sword was adopted unofficially by as early as 1800 and is one of the most sought after and highly decorative of Napoleonic period British swords.


The blade is complete but in a pretty distressed condition, having lost most of it's blueing and gilding, however, I can make out the maker's name "Hampston" and the words "Warranted" on the blade. Also some of the etching remains visible, I can discern a Crown, foliage and what appears to be a soldier on the side of the blade.


The 29 inch long blade is quite loose in the gilded hilt and the ivory grip has suffered some damage, therefore I am offering this example at a very reasonable price of only £370

1803 Pattern British Infantry Flank Officer's sword

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