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I offer for sale a 300 year old sword, a Hunting Hanger manufactured around 1720 in Passau, Germany, (one of the major blade manufacturing centers of that era).


The 23 inch (59cm) long lenticular, double edged blade, still retains a remarkably sharp cutting edge, and has stamped onto it the 'Running Wolf' manufacturing mark of Passau, together within the short central single fuller the tallismanic number "1441", on both sides of the blade. A collection index number of "117" is painted in red at the ricasso. 


There are traces of black oxidization on both sides of the blade, which is to expected with a sword this old. The blade is nice and firm with the hilt.


The hilt consists of a brass down-swept scallop shaped, single dish guard (which is slightly loose, the base slightly bent), quillon block, from which emerges a 'D' shaped knuckle-guard and rear quillon which curves sharply forwards ending in a flat swollen knop, and the quillon has been slightly angled.


The octagonal shaped grip is made of horn, which retains it's original colour on one side, but is faded on the reverse. There is a slight crack to the front side of the grip, but this does not compromise the piece. A brass ferrule secures the front of the grip and a shallow curved brass pommel finish the handle. 


These early hunting swords were often used for military use and in personal defense at that time.


This sword has been through the famous Thomas Del Mar auction house in 2013.

A German Hunting hanger c.1720

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