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I offer for sale a superbly crafted, Austrian made, terracotta figurine of a female goddess, or Sibyl - possibly the oracle at Delphi(?) It could of course be allegorical a vision of Love. The fine detail in the arms; hands; feet and face are superbly done, as are the details of the female form beneath the falling folds and drapes of material.


This beautifully coloured figurine measures 14 inches in height and was produced in Austria sometime during the (mid?) 20th century, in the Art Nouveau style of the early 20th century, as an export to an English speaking country.


On the reverse of the figurine is marked a brand stamp of a capital letter "P" within a circle; "Made in Austria"; "Reserved on"; then number 15 followed by numbers 469 within a box; then the number 15 again.


The figurine is in very good overall condition, with just a few small chips to the glaze on the front of the base and a tiny circular crack on the right upper arm, almost un-noticeable. It would make a perfect decorative item for any period home.

Austrian, figurine of a goddess or sibyl

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