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I offer for sale a scare and rare, Austrian, M.1869 Military Intendant Official’s Sword. This model of sword was introduced for officials in management positions and replaced the Model 1849 sword, itself to be replaced by the Model 1890 sword. The sword is fitted with a 29 ¾ inch long, Spadroon style blade (single edged and flat backed). A single, deep fuller is cut into the blade and runs forwards to within 5 ½ inches from the blade tip. The surface of the blade bears a ‘Salt n Pepper’ grey patina now and the odd patch of black oxidization near the blade tip, but it is nice and firm with the hilt, no movement. I cannot find any maker’s marks to the blade, but it will almost certainly have been manufactured in Solingen, Germany. The blade washer is missing. This sword comprises a brass hilt wrapped with brass twist-wire and has a prominent globular pommel with raised tang button. As stated, the guard, hilt, pommel, ferrules and grip wire are all brass and bear traces of the original gold gilded finish. The sword hilt has a folding inside shell guard and bears the initials of the original owner (appears to be “J d W”). The scabbard is missing. The overall length of the sword is 35 ½ inches. Altogether, a scarce and rare Austrian sword.

Austrian M.1869 Military Sword

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