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A good example of what author Brian Robson (Swords of the British Army - Regulation Patterns) describes as "one of the rarest of all regulation patterns" of British Army sword issued in the previous 215 years.

This extremely rare sword dates to c.1800 and was initially issued for use by HM Coast Guard. It was later re-issued to the British Army in 1861 from surplus stock, adopted as a sword to be carried by British Army Hospital Corp Privates to defend themselves with, whilst on campaign during the Victorian Wars.

Maker: Probably Deakin

The blade, which measures 68 cm or 26.75 inches, has a broad fuller running almost to the sword tip. It is flat backed and shows signs of previous corrosion, a nice 'salt and pepper' grey patina. The brass stirrup guard has the addition of an outer bar. Moulded cast iron grip. Flat tang button. The hilt and blade are a solid firm fit.

British Army Hospital Corps Private's Sword 1861

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