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I offer for sale, a good honest example of a British Infantry Officer's 1796 Pattern Spadroon sword, complete with it's original leather and brass scabbard.


The single edged, flat back, blade measures 32 1/4 inches in length and is cut with a shallow, wide, single fuller which runs to the blade tip. Two thirds of the length of the blade bears the remains of the original Georgian blueing and gilt decoration (about 25%), which includes floral swages; stands of arms, a Royal Crown, a GR Cypher and what appears to be (it's hard to read) a 1801 to 1816 royal coat of arms. The blueing and gilt decoration is well rubbed and faded over the lifetime of the sword, but is still visible.


The hilt is of classical style and decorated for an Officer in the Napoleonic era British infantry. It's folding dish guard is intact and works fine. The bronze hilt guard retains some of it's original gilt coating, but the gilt is rubbed in places.


There is some small movement discernible between the blade, the grip and the hilt pommel, but nothing which detracts from the overall appearance of the sword. No makers marks are visible on the sword.


This sword comes complete with what appears to be it's original leather and brass scabbard. The leather of the scabbard has cracking to the surface but is holding together fine to sheath the sword in to. The brass chape is secure but the throat is loose.


Altogether, a better decorated example of this Georgian type of British infantry sword than usually found on the market, and complete with it's leather scabbard, which rarely survive!

British Infantry 1796 Pattern Spadroon

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