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I offer for sale a beautifully made and very rare, British infantry or navy, double 'S' bar hilted sabre, circa 1790 - 1800.

The slightly curved, back-sword blade measures 32.5 inches long and is in superb condition, having a deep plum colour (except for the ricasso which has been left plain 'white'. The blade is a good and tight fit with the hilt.

The hilt consists of a reeded, Ebony wood grip with a gilt brass ferrule at one end and a 'cushion' shaped pommel at the other.

A stirrup knucklebow protects the front of the hand, with two sweeping branches emerging a third way up the knucklebow to end in two 'S' shaped swirl bars, which attach to the usual Spadroon lateral half guard, which forms part of the counter-guard. There is a small crack to the rear swirl bar where it attaches to the lateral guard, but nothing significant.

The hilt retains about 90% of it's original gold giltwork, which is wonderfully rare. A real glimpse into the past!

British Infantry or Navy 'S' bar hilted Sabre

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