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SOLD  I offer for sale a wonderful, British, Pattern 1796, Light Cavalry sabre, made by the Birmingham based partnership of James Woolley and Thomas Deakin , who traded as "Woolley & Co" between 1790 and 1798/1799. This blade is stamped on it's back edge - "Woolley & Co" and will have been made sometime between 1796 and 1798.

This pattern of sword was used primarily by British Light Dragoons and hussars, and King's German Legion light cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars. It was adopted by the Prussians (as the 1811 pattern or "Blücher sabre") and used by Portuguese and Spanish cavalry who fought against Napoleon I.

The blade designed by John Gaspard Le Marchant a captain of the 2nd Light Dragoons in conjunction with Birmingham sword cutler - Henry Osbourn, is remembered today as one of the best of its time and has been described as the finest cutting sword ever manufactured in quantity.

The undecorated blade on my sword measures 33 inches long and is totally firm with the hilt.

British Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre

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