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I have written and published a highly detailed, souvenir guidebook to the Medieval fortress of Castle Rushen in Castletown on the Isle of Man. The book is in A4 format size, softback, runs to 113 pages and is illustrated with the superb colour photography of Stephen Corran. It sells at £25.00 per book.


Inside my guidebook you can discover:

When the first simple castle on the site was built and how it developed over time,

Why a Viking King of Man with connections to the English Royal Court and a great English Lord may have built it,

Who is the most likely Master Mason in the late 14th century to have greatly expanded and added to the fortress for the Lord of Man,

Why are the Montagues so famous, what did they do, where did they fight and what is their connection to Castle Rushen,

How the counterpoise or cantilever-type drawbridge to the Great tower worked (cutting-edge technology for its day),

Why the three guardrooms to the entrance of this tower are so very well designed to defend the castle, what is an "Oubliette" and which poor soul may have been put thrown into one to suffer,

What happened to the high official who punished him,

The avoidable dispute in 1722 which led to the Island's bishop being incarcerated at Castle Rushen and how he coped thereafter,

Why the medieval Captain of the Guard from the village of Hulton, Lancashire was a man to be feared and obeyed, and what his soldiers were getting up to,

A detailed look into the Manx Rebellion of 1651 and how it ties into the castle's history during the English Civil War,

How accurate is the Castle Clock of 1597, how does it work and how did it get to be in Castle Rushen?

What is going on at a 'businessman's lunch' inside the Lord's private dining room in the year 1507, what strange dishes they are eating and what are "God's forks"?

A highly detailed look into the Stanley genealogy and the various Stanley Lords of Mann and their wives, seen in the Lord's private dining room,

Who was "Oskatel" and how does he tie in with the Lathom family, the Stanley family, and the story of the 'Eagle and child',

Which was the safest room in Castle Rushen and why?

A detailed look into the 21 medieval 'beasties' depicted on the Lord's Millefleur wall hanging in his bedroom chamber and how each beast, bird, or reptile had a tale to tell him about how to be a good Lord,

A detailed look into the lives, fortunes, and misfortunes of the four Stanley Lords depicted in the portraits on the prison staircase,

Why Lord Ferdinando Stanley 5th Earl of Derby wouldn't thank you for a mushroom, and a detailed look into "the Hesketh Plot",

Who was potentially the real William Shakespeare, and why?

What Continent is missing from the giant world map in the 17th-century dining room, and why does the map contain two Equators?

Was the Dungeon really a dungeon?

And so much more.

Should you wish to purchase a copy of my book, please feel free to send me a message on this website.

If off-island books can be posted to the mainland UK at the most economical rate.


Souvenir guidebook to Castle Rushen (German)

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