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I offer for sale an original, French, Gardes Nationale epoch 'Louis Philippe' circa 1830's Infantry Shako, in excellent overall condition. 
The helmet is of black, velvet covered, pressed board construction, having a smooth black leather top. It has it's original red, white and blue Cockade with a metal rooster badge in the middle of it. Also, what appears to be it's original, Die-struck, brass alloy helmet plate, the decoration of which consists of a rooster, flags, a flaming bomb (Grenade) and an infantry horn. There are Lion's head finials to the cartouche beneath. 
The helmet has it's black tape at the bottom of the basin, and an enameled black leather or pressed board brim, having a green underside. Also, articulated brass chin-scales, with infantry horn decorated retainers. Finally, it has it's original sweatband and inner liner. A draw-string upper interior and original seven finger lower suspension liner.

French Gardes Nationales epoch 'Louis Philippe' 1830's Shako.

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