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I offer for sale a good antique, French Gras 1874 pattern bayonet which was used with the Gras 1874 rifle, and was manufactured in the State-owned Saint Etienne armoury in 1880. This bayonet is in good overall condition but comes without scabbard. The bayonet bears various poincon inspection stamps and engraving to it's blade spine at the ricasso, showing it's date and place of manufacture.


The Gras was the last of the French sword type bayonets, being manufactured from 1874 until about 1885. It replaced the 1866 Chassepot bayonet and was itself replaced by the 1886 Lebel bayonet. The unique and well-formed "T" backed epee style blade was a departure from the previous Yataghan blades and was only suitable for thrusting. The Gras rifle and bayonet was still in use during the First World War but only issued to non-front line combat infantry guard units.

French Gras 1874 bayonet

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