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I have for sale an original French Cuirassier's breastplate from the period of the Napoleonic Wars, possibly even a 'trophy of war' brought back from the battlefield of Waterloo by a serving British soldier who fought there in 1815, who knows?

The 200th anniversary of the famous Battle of Waterloo fell on 18th June this year.

The internal lining has long since gone, but the numerous stitching holes cut into and running around the perimeter of the breastplate, indicate that the breastplate once had a padded clothe liner stitched to the inside of it.

The two brass 'nipples' one either side of the chest would have originally each secured a scaled shoulder strap, joining the back plate (missing) to the breastplate.

The surface of the breastplate has a nice aged patina to it and is in undamaged condition. It would make a lovely and unique 'conversation piece' for a gentleman's study and a true piece of history!

French Heavy Cavalry Cuirassier's Breast Plate

  • SOLD

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