I offer for sale a rather lovely French hunting hanger sword with a blued and gilt Solingen, German blade, made by Schnitzler and Kirschbaum around circa 1854 and marked at the blade forte "S & K".

The strong, hollow-ground, diamond cross-section blade, measures exactly 23 inches in length (58.5 cms), and is primarily designed for thrusting. The blade is blued for the first two-thirds of its length, with motifs in gilt such as a Stag with a quiver of arrows, a Stand of Arms, floral swags and bridges of gilt decoration at the forte. The blueing is somewhat rubbed and faded and the unblued section of the blade bears some spots of black oxidization. The blade appears firm in the hilt, possibly the very slightest movement but nothing major.

The neo-classical styling of this fine sword reminds one of a Roman Gladius and this follows in the hilt design with a straight and strong cast and chiselled, brass, cross-guard, terminating in two counterpoised hounds head finials emerging from bound Roman pteruges either side of the quillon-block.

The quillon block cartouche contains a lovey detailed Stag's head with laurel leaves on one side, and a crowned(?) Wild Boar with leaf garlands on the other side. The neoclassical-shaped grip appears to be made of Ebony or horn and contains a ferrule strap with nice swirling etching at the forward point.

The sword comes with its original, wood and leather-covered scabbard, which is fitted with a throat locket, containing a pronounced cast brass Bears head acting as a frog button, and decorated with classical designs and feathers. The brass Drag is long and terminates in a rather nice scallop shell. The scabbard is original to the sword and is very fragile as you would anticipate for a hunting sword some 168 years old, but it has survived, which is rare indeed.

French Hunting hanger