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A fine example of a French Infantry 'Sabre D'Officer Superieur' the highly ornate, silvered brass hilt based on the Model 1845/1855 example (which was to influence so many later American swords).

This high quality 'superior manufactured' sword was made for a high ranking French infantry officer, a Chef de Bataillon, Major, or a Colonel, by the State-owned Manufacturing company of St. Etienne around c.1900. There is some engraving at the ricasso which confirms this.

The straight, 31 inch long blade, has two fullers running almost the entire length of the blade, is double-edged and sharp. There are small patches of black oxidization on the blade but nothing major.

The hilt consists of stirrup knucklebow with side half dish attached, the dish guard bearing lots of flowers, scrolls and leaves joining the two side bars together. Very ornate and pleasing and there are traces of the original silvering thereon.

The grip is wood bound with brass wire and a canted stepped pommel.

French Infantry 'Sabre D'Officer Superieur'

  • The scabbard is original and is just missing it's 'drag'.

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