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I offer for sale a good example of a French light cavalry sword of a Model produced around c.1890, complete with it's Steel scabbard.


The general style of this particular sword closely resembles both the French 1822 and 1845 Model cavalry swords, with it's highly ornate, unmarked, Brass, three bar hilt and long, slender, double fullered blade, but the 1890 has a lighter hilt form and blade than the earlier models, with etching decorating the inside of the hilt bars rather than cast decoration. The scabbard also has only a single suspension loop, rather than two loops.


The bottom of the two side guard bars are decorated in nice cast leaf decoration, as is the back of the capstan pommel (which has a very slight twist to it). Where the knuckle guard joins the pommel has flower and leaf decoration, as does the inside back of the dish guard. The dark grip appears to be made of horn and is bound in a series of twisted copper wires, there is some slight cracking to the bottom of the grip where it meets the pommel, but nothing is loose. The leather washer is still present at the ricasso.


The single edged, unmarked, double fullered blade measures some 90cm and is slightly rebated for most of it's length, only just the final 20cm towards the tip being double edged and sharp both sides, thus making the blade ideal for thrusting, rather than slashing. There is some very slight distortion to the very end of the blade, but hardly noticeable.  There is also only a tiny fraction of movement between hilt and blade, hardly discernible. The scabbard is in very good condition and the blade is a good fit as it sheaths into the scabbard.



French Light Cavalry sword circa 1890

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