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Original French Hussar's sabre, circa 1792, a rare survivor from this tumultuous period of French history. What tales this sabre could tell!

The hilt consists of a heavy, cast brass back-strap, that merges into a stepped pommel, a large straight counter-guard with rear quillon, having a bulbous finial. The front quillon merges into the stirrup shaped knuckle-guard, the front of which is flat.

A heavily stamped figure "8" and a maker's stamp are present on the front of the guard.

Approximately one quarter of the grip leather is missing, with the binding wire, to expose the wooden core of the grip underneath.

The blade is heavily pitted from previous corrosion, which is now stabilised. The tip broken off. The blade measures 32 inches long and is slightly curved. The blade is nice and tight to the hilt.

French Revolutionary Sabre c.1792

£590.00 Regular Price
£450.00Sale Price
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