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This opulently decorated smallsword is English in style and at least 230 years old. 

The hilt consists of a scallop-edged, Steel dish guard, on the interior of which there is a magnificent, raised, brass starburst. Pas d'ane rings follow, leading to a straight counter-guard, that terminates in a forward pointing quillon and a 'D' shaped knuckle-guard.

The Urn shaped pommel and mid-section of the knuckle-guard bear faceted relief decoration.

The grip has been wrapped in decorative bands of steel and wire, a 'turkshead' knot of wire secures each end of the grip.

The tang inside the grip has been twisted over time, but this could be easily straightened.

Blade is of hollow, triangular cross-secton and 31.5 inches long. It has a Colichemarde shaped ricasso and some etching remains to the blade.

English Smallsword circa 1780 - 1790

£500.00 Regular Price
£450.00Sale Price
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