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I offer for sale a very unique, British, George III, Infantry Officer’s Spadroon by Woolley & Co. of Edmund Street, Birmingham (senior partner - James Woolley), who were in the business of making swords from c.1785 in various partnerships.


I say “unique” because this Spadroon has the most unusually shaped Langets I have ever seen on a sword hilt! Shaped in the form of a upside down Comma, I have not seen another sword one like it.


The blade of this sword is typical Spadroon in style, flat backed, single edged of 31 inches in length and 1 1/8 inch across at the forte. The blade has a single, wide fuller running almost the entire length of the blade and is decorated with lovely floral motifs, acanthus or oak leaf swags, an Officer’s head wearing a Tarleton helmet, a Crowned G R Royal Cypher, and wonderful Stands of Arms.


The hilt is typical Spadroon again, except for those unique shaped ‘tear-drop’ langets, each langet bears a tiny etched Stand of Arms on it. On the reverse of the rear quillon there is the following monogram etched into the metal (I think it reads?) “T.M.A.R.” , research might reveal more details about the officer. The grip has a ‘Cigar’ appearance, consisting of square cross-section, ribbed Ebony sections, banded in the middle like a Cigar, the ferrule, mid band and cushion pommel all bear gadrooned border decoration. A stirrup guard protects the knuckles of the user. Some gilt remains on the brass hilt components. There is a tiny bit of lateral movement in the hilt, but nothing serious.


This sword comes complete with it’s original, black leather scabbard, which is in very good overall condition and fits the sword well. It has it’s frog and a cartouche on one side of the throat mount which reads “Woolley & Co. Birmingham”.

Georgian Officer’s Spadroon by Woolley

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