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A well executed, George III Officer's smallsword with gilt bronze mounts and leather scabbard, almost certainly made by Robert Foster of James Street, Pall Mall, London.The scabbard mouthpiece is engraved boldly with the name "Foster" in capital letters, underneath is secondary script which reads "Sword Cutler to his Majesty, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, James Street".The narrow, stiff lenticular blade measures 32 inches in length and is engraved with scrolling foliage and a martial trophy of arms, retaining some original gilding.The crossbar terminates in two flattened, dropping quillons with terminals, each centered with a flowerhead design. The crossguard transverses a heart shaped double shell guard, with a rim, also engraved with floral designs, above and below. Some rubbing to the gilt on the shell guard.The knuckle-guard is flanked by two secondary guard bars, in 'Walloon' style. The knucklebow swells at midpoint to incorporate further floral displays.

Georgian Officers smallsword by Robert Foster

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