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An 18th century German infantry hanger, of a pattern made anytime between c.1720 - c.1800 latest.

This sword bears a very interesting, contemporary modification:

The heart shaped bronze dish-guard has been deliberately modified during the lifetime of the sword, to remove the side lobe nearest to the wearer when worn against the body, so as to avoid rubbing against the soldier's uniform. There is also evidence that this hanger was once fitted with a thumb-ring, a feature typical of German 18th century swords.

This rare sword bears an 18th century inventory number for a regiment, together with a later 19th century stamp, showing the sword was later decommissioned and moved into the 'Kassel Fundus' a German Theatre in Kassel, which was used as a sort of Armoury in the mid 1800's.

German infantry hanger c.1720 - c.1800

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  • The plain, 23 inch long blade is typical of a hanger and bears some small patches of black oxidization and corrosion towards the blade tip (now stabalised), probably where it has been lying in a leather scabbard.

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