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Magnificent and rare, German, boat-hilted infantry sword, dated precisely to 1815. By 1815 there were 39 separate German-speaking states, loosely joined (for free trade purposes) in the German Confederation, under the leadership of Prussia and Austria. German would not become truly unified until 1871:

Well manufactured and elegant, boat shaped dish guard, which is intersected at the bottom by the front quillon bar. Recess inside guard to place the forefinger.

The grip is wonderfully tight to the blade and is nicely bound in copper wire, secured at each end by a ferrule.

Globe shaped pommel with pronounced capstan. The 'D' shaped knuckleguard attaches to the front quillon bar and is screwed to the pommel. All of the hilt furniture retains almost 100% of it's gilt.

The slender blade measures 32 inches long, has a deep 15 inch long fuller which contains gothic script.

German infantry small state sword circa 1815

£850.00 Regular Price
£675.00Sale Price
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