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German or Prussian infantry sword early 1700's, could this sword have seen service in the Great Northern Wars of 1700 to 1721 again Sweden?

Highly ornate brass hilt, guard consisting of 'bone joints' and twist bars, attaching to an asymmetrical, double dish, shell guard and globular pommel. A thumb ring guard (so typical of Germanic swords of this period) is also present.

The grip is wooden, nicely bound in brass grip wire, secured by a ferrule at each end.

The almost straight blade measures 33.5 inches long and has a deep single fuller and a false double edge towards the tip. The blade is remarkably sharp.

Some wonderful etching remains: A bird in flight can clearly be seen and "the hand of God" emerging from a cloud holding a sword. The script could read, "Pro deo et Patria" or "Pro Gloria et Patria".

German or Prussian Backsword circa 1720

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