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The triple-dagger or ‘sword-breaker’ came about c.1600 and continued into the early 17th century, as a parrying dagger for use with rapier, the idea to try and catch and break the opponent’s sword blade.


I offer for sale an extremely fine and highly ornate, Late 19th Century copy of a Spanish “Main-gauche” left-hand parrying dagger, together with it’s decorated scabbard.


The tapering blade measures 49 cm (or 19 ¼ inches) in length and has a pierced and faceted ‘sword-breaking’ forte. It is single-edged except for the final 15 cm (6 inches) to the blade tip, which has a false edge. The sharpened areas have a keen edge to them. The width of the blade at the forte measures 4.5 cm across (or 1 ¾ inches) and the blade is 5mm thick at this point, extremely sturdy. The blade is in very good condition with only the slightest patch or two of black oxidization. It has geometric, acid etched, star patterns both sides of the ricasso and a thumb indentation on the reverse of the forte, as you would expect for blade control. The blade is firm with the grip.


The hilt is in the characteristic “Main-gauche” style, with ‘Sail-guard’, where the blade passes through an aperture in the guard plate, the narrower section of the ‘Sail’ terminating in a ring through which the blade tang passes and the bun shaped pommel is peened against, to secure the guard plate.


The Sail guard is made of white-metal (I cannot find any hallmarks indicating it is silver), and is beautifully decorated with an abundance of scrolling foliage, and has fold-over ‘sword-catching’ edges, which are again profusely decorated with incised foliage.


The cross guard lies immediately below the Sail guard and is made of a thick, twisted, white-metal bar measuring 29 cm (or 11 ¼ inches) across and terminating in two profusely decorated flattened cushion shaped finials.


The grip has a rectround cross-section and is nicely wrapped in steel wire. The bun shaped pommel is again profusely decorated with swirling foliage.


This dagger comes complete with its matching wood and burgundy red, leather lined scabbard. The metal scabbard throat and chape bear the same matching etched foliage as the dagger hilt. The reverse of the scabbard throat has a frog attachment for a sword belt. The scabbard is in good overall condition, with only the odd scuff to the leather.


Price: £950.00+pp

Good Late 19th century copy of a Spanish left-hand dagger.

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