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I offer for sale, a nice example of the fore-runner of the 18th century Small-sword. This sword is a quality 17th century transitional small-sword rapier, dating to somewhere between the mid to late 1600's for a gentleman about town.


The blade is incurved and triangular in cross-section and measures just over 30 inches or 77 cm long. It is in good general condition for it's age (about 370 years old) with just some minor areas of black oxidization and pitting and only a slight lateral curve distortion for the final quarter of the blade towards the tip. 


The hilt is formed of a characteristic highly decorative, 17th century symmetrical, double dish guard of iron, which has been finely chiselled (both sides) to portray classical scenes including groups of cherubs and putti within a floral motif. The Pas-d'ane rings, quillon block, quillon, knuckle-guard and Plum shaped pommel are also chiselled and decorated in a similar fashion. The grip is of wood, later re-wrapped in brass wire. The pommel is mostly firm with the tang of the blade, but they is some tiny amount of movement in the grip, grip wires and guard as is to be expected with such an old sword.


This pre-curser of the later small-sword has developed a lovely dark deep plum coloured lusture to the iron-work over the centuries and the inside of the disc guard shows lovely age to it also.


There are plenty of 18th century small-swords in the market these days, however not so many earlier 17th century transitional small-swords.

Mid to late 1600's Small-sword

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