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I offer for sale, a truly lovely example of a Napoleonic era, British infantry Flank Officer's sword to a named officer - "J. Gagen" (so almost certainly an Irish officer as the surname Gagen originates in the midlands of Ireland, in Westmeath, in the province of Leinster).


The sword was made by quality manufacturers - Woolley & Deakin of Birmingham, that being James Woolley sword manufacturer and Thomas Deakin - cutler, so this partnership dating this sword to between 1800 to 1807 latest. The makers names are to be found clearly signed within a Cartouche on the blade. 

Further, the leather and gilded copper scabbard has been made by quality Sword cutler - John Salter of 35 The Strand, London almost certainly dating this quality sword to the year 1802 or thereabouts. Salter is listed in a Georgian Trade Directory of 1802 as trading as a sword cutler and Jeweller from that address. The throat of the scabbard is engraved "Salter, Sword Cutler & Jeweller, 35 The Strand". It is not uncommon to find Georgian period swords made by one manufacturer and contracted out to another manufacturer to make the scabbards, sword knots etc. or indeed to retail the swords.


The highly curved blade measures 28 1/2 inches or 72.5 cms in length, and retains about 75% of it's highly ornate original heat blueing and mercury gilding, being decorated with scrolling foliage, stands of arms, Royal Arms and a maker's panel for Woolley & Deakin.


The regulation copper gilt stirrup hilt with lion' head pommel is in very good condition and one of the langets is engraved with the owner's name "J. Gagen", potentially a good chance to do further research and establish the military service history of this officer. The super quality of this sword suggests a high ranking officer. The grip is of chequered Ivory and in good overall condition, with only a very minor crack to one side which in no way effects the stability of the grip. The fit between blade and hilt is generally good and firm with only the tiniest of lateral twist noticeable. The pommel tang shows no signs of having been tampered with during the sword's lifetime.


The scabbard is of leather, which apart from some cracking and crazing to the surface of the leather is in good unbroken condition. It is fitted with a gilded copper throat, mid-section and chape, the throat bearing the maker's panel for John Salter. The gilding on the copper fittings is well worn but still visible in parts.


Altogether, a superb, high quality example of a Napoleonic, British Flank Officer's sword and to a named officer.

Named Georgian Flank Officer's sword

£2,500.00 Regular Price
£2,350.00Sale Price
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