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Circa 1814, a Napoleonic and totally original, model AN XIII, with it's original, matching steel scabbard, all in wonderful condition. Peninsular and Waterloo period.

The elegant brass hilt is untouched and in excellent condition, leather grip covering and wire intact. No movement between blade and hilt, solid!

Straight, heavy blade measures just under 38 inches and is very impressive. It has two fullers and it's original spear tip unmodified.

The top edge of the blade bears the following engraving, "Manuf re R le du Klingenthal 9bre 1814". The ricasso has the poincon stamps for Lobstein, Bick and Borson.

The scabbard is original and is a perfect fit and match for the sword.

Napoleonic French Cuirassier's heavy cavalry sabre

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