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****SOLD ****: an extremely rare and highly sought after, original Napoleonic French, 'Hussar', Light Cavalry sabre, model AN XI. This wonderful sabre was manufactured in Klingenthal on the French border with Germany, for a cavalryman of  Napoleon's Light Cavalry in February 1811. The month, year and place of manufacture is engraved on the back of the blade at the ricasso.

It is complete with it's original (very heavy and substantial) Steel scabbard stamped with an identical rack number to that of the sabre, rare to have matching sword and scabbard numbers.

The manufacture control stamps for Marion ("M"); Bick ("B") and Lobstein ("L") are stamped into the blade.

This sword is as rare as 'hens teeth' and seldom appears for sale at auction worldwide.
Get your hands on a very rare, surviving piece of Napoleonic history.

Provenance: Paris collection.

Napoleonic French Light Cavalry AN XI Hussar

  • SOLD

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