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I offer for sale an extremely rare and sought after, Napoleonic era, French Light Cavalry sabre, Model AN XI, which was manufactured sometime between 1801 and 1802 in Klingenthal, on the French border with Germany. This type of slashing sword was issued to all Light Cavalry units in the Grand Armee, including Hussars; Lancers and Horse Chasseurs between 1801 - 1815.


Both the Arco brass hilt and the blade were inspected and stamped for battle suitability by two gentlemen who often worked together in their capacity of Inspectors and Controllers of sword production for the French Army, they being Jean-Jacques Mouton - Controleur 1st Class and Benjamin Levavasseur - Directeur and Inspecteur of sword production. Their poincon stamps are visible on both hilt and blade.


The three digit number visible on one of the languets is later I believe, probably added to the hilt a decade or so later, during the restoration of the French Monarchy, when the cavalry units were re-designated.


The engraving on the spine of the blade reads as far as I can discern: "M-f ture (manufacture) na le (national) Du Klingenthal Coulaux Freres Entrep rs (Enterprises)", which ties in perfectly with the 1801 - 1802 date of manufacture.

The curved Steel blade measures 88cm or 34.5 inches in length and retains an amazingly sharp service cutting edge. The leather washer between the languets is missing, exposing a small area of the blade tang and allowing for the tiniest of movement between hilt and blade (almost unnoticeable). Some Steel flaking scars along one side of the blade due to previous corrosion, which has been stabilized.


The grip leather is in remarkably good condition. It may be a replacement expertly done some time ago, but could very well be the original grip leather!

The only thing missing from this remarkably rare sword is it's heavy Steel scabbard. It is possible that this sabre was originally a battlefield pick-up where sword and scabbard become estranged from each other.

Altogether, a wonderfully rare, Napoleonic, French cavalry sabre

Napoleonic French Light Cavalry AN XI Hussar

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