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I offer for sale a very nice and rare, Napoleonic era, four bar hilt, French Light Cavalry sword, by famous German sword cutler - Gebruder Weyersberg (Weyersberg brothers of Solingen).


The company Gebruder Weyersberg was founded on 1st January 1787 by brothers Wilhelm; Peter and Johann-Ludwig Weyersberg. The company initially manufactured large quantities of knife and sword blades for military export to France and Italy, producing approximately 17% of blades supplied out of Solingen, Germany to those two countries by 1788. In that year a permanent blade store was established at Frankfurt am Main for this purpose and during the Napoleonic Wars supply to those countries continued.


Here is a rare survivor from the Napoleonic Period:


This sword is in very good overall condition. The 33 inch long, slightly curved, single edged blade has a large single fuller and bears the Solingen scroll on it's spine at the ricasso. The initial third of the blade length has been blued, with glided engraved decoration of floral swags and a Stand-of-Arms, although both the blueing and gilding have faded somewhat over the last 200 years or so. The forte of the blade is clearly marked on one side - "Gebr. Weyersberg" and on the other side "in Solingen". The blade surface bears a little oxidization, but is generally good. There could be a very slight twist in the final third of it's length, but this is almost indiscernible. The blade is nice and tight with the hilt and the original leather washer survives but is somewhat compressed over time.


The attractive Brass hilt of this sword consists of a four bar guard, double langets and a down-swept quillon. There is a brass backstrap and stepped pommel. The grip is wood, covered in brown leather (a little worn in places) and wrapped in thin brass wire some of it missing.


The sword comes complete with it's original bright brass scabbard, which is in good condition and is fitted with two loose suspension rings. It is also fitted with a Steel Drag.


Altogether, a highly attractive and rare 4-bar hilted (German manufactured) French Light Cavalry sword from the Napoleonic era for only £1,300.

Napoleonic French Light Cavalry sword

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