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I offer for sale, a very nice Napoleonic French 'Cote de Melon' or 'Consulate style' light cavalry officer's sword together with it's lovely brass scabbard, of a model issued to all branches of Napoleon Bonaparte's light mounted cavalry units (the infantry models of this sword are more often found with leather scabbards).


This sword bears the gilded capital letters "S & K" partially hidden behind a hilt langet, which (as far as I can ascertain) stands for the Solingen sword cutler partnership - Phillip Jakob Schnizler & Wilhelm B.S. Kirschbaum operating in Grafrath from 1787 and in Solingen from 1811 onwards.


The very attractive brass hilt of this light cavalry sword is in very good condition, with it's canted checkered wooden grip intact, it's knuckle-guard interrupted midway by an ornate baluster, the forwards pointed quillon and the 'mushroom' pommel all good. There is no movement whatsoever between hilt and blade and the original blade washer is still just about present. Two lozenge shaped hilt langets are present to guide the sword into it's scabbard.


The slightly curved, single edged blade measures 88cm in length and 3cm across at it's widest point, a wide, shallow fuller cuts along the blade to within 15cm of the blade tip. The blade itself is in very good condition with hardly any tarnishing whatsoever and no damage to the blade edge. The only tiny distortion is to the final millimetre of the blade tip, almost unseen. The first third of the blade length is nicely decorated with a series of etched floral groupings and a Stand of Arms (both sides) and it is thought that the blade has originally been blued and gilded, but the colouring has been polished away  during the service lifetime of the sword (the only gilt left now is seen partially hidden behind the langets on both sides). An etched Solingen(?) scroll is seen at the ricasso. The blade retains a good service cutting edge.


This sword comes complete with it's very attractive brass scabbard, which is in very good condition overall and is fitted with two suspension loops. Only one or two minor dings where spurs have knocked against it. The fit between sword and scabbard is good. The scabbard bears no markings.


Altogether, a wonderful example of a French Napoleonic, Cote de Melon type, light cavalry trooper's sword and scabbard.

Napoleonic Light Cavalry sword

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