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I offer for sale a stunningly good, early 18th century, North Italian, neo-classical, Small-sword having a chiselled Iron hilt.

The two-stage, double-edged, blade is of a rounded section at the forte, turning into a flattened diamond section in the forward part of the blade, cut with a short single fuller. Both cutting edges are sharp. Each section is etched with the most lovely, strap-work and geometric floral motifs. The blade measures 77cms in length, or 30 1/4 inches and is nice and tight with the hilt, with no movement. The red felt washer is still in place.

The iron hilt is finely chiselled and consists of an asymmetrical double shell-guard, decorated on each face with a number of neo-classical Roman soldier and Imperial Emperor heads, crowned with helmets and laurel leaves, surrounded by scrolling foliage. Each shell-guard has a moulded brim with more foliage, figure and mask thereon. The reverse of the shell-guard bears more mouldings of horses and beasts pulling chariots.

The decorated pas d'anes are large, indicating an early 18th-century sword. The quillon is flattened, globular and down-turned and the quillon block is decorated en suite with the shell-guard, bearing figures travelling in some form of chariots on either side of it.

The knuckle-guard bears more foliate moulding and figures and the pommel is globular and highly decorated, again with figures riding in chariots, scrolling foliage and a gadrooned border.

The grip is wrapped in plaited silver(?) wire with 'turks heads' on top and bottom.

Altogether, a very beautiful and almost perfect early 18th-century gentleman's sword of high-quality manufacture and North Italian in design.

North Italian Smallsword

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