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This is a Prussian infantry hanger, circa 1786-1816. The model designation is: Preußische Infanteriesäbel M 1715 in der Form ab 1786. Similar to the earlier Model 1715, but with a modified grip pattern. A completely new pattern of hanger was adopted in 1816.

The cipher on the blade, which is clearly visible both sides, is FWR for Frederick William Rex, for king Frederick William II (1786-1797) and Frederick William III (1797-1840).

This sword could have been used at the Napoleonic battles of Auerstedt or Jena in 1806, or even at Waterloo, who knows?

The overall condition of the sword is "very good condition". There is some black oxidisation to the blade, but no damage. The blade remains nice and tight in the hilt, even the leather hilt washer is intact. The slightly curved blade measures 25.5 inches long and still has a service edge to it.

The cast brass hilt is in wonderful condition. Regiment and rack numbers stamped on shell-guard and knuckle-guard. 


This sword comes complete with it's original leather scabbard which is in very good condition generally, albeit the leather has shrunk over the hundreds of years and now sits a little short of the blade length.

Prussian infantry hanger sword c.1780's

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