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This beautiful Impressionist oil painting was once owned by Dr Robert Travers of the famous 'Piano Nobile' art gallery in London. It is entitled: "Shipping in Peel harbour Isle of Man" and was painted by listed Victorian artist - Julius Hare (born 1859 - died 1932):The way the artist has captured the sunlight reflecting off the harbour waters and the planking of the fishing boat under repair is truly wonderful. A masterpiece of Impressionist art.Hare was born in Dublin. He was a painter of landscapes, harbour and coastal scenes, and portraits and lived for most of his life in North Wales. He did visit the Isle of Man and painted in Peel, Port Erin and Port St Mary, amongst other places.Hare studied painting under Adolphe Yvon in Paris. He was made an associate of the Royal Academy of Art and exhibited there. Hare was also a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Conway, North Wales, where he lived.Painting measures 14.5" x 23" and is ready to hang.

Shipping in Peel harbour by Julius Hare

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