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I am pleased to offer for sale a late 18th century (Model 1790), Spanish Dragoon Officer’s cavalry sword which is in very good overall condition for it’s age.

The blade is hexagonal in cross-section, double-edged (still sharp), and measures a good 36 inches or 92 cms in length, bearing an inscribed date of 1792 on one side and a number of initials and quatrefoil stamps to the face of the blade. The side opposite to the date bears the initials “Cs IV” which will be for the Spanish king – Charles IV, who was king of Spain and ruler of the Spanish Empire between 1788 until 1808.

The blade is in good overall condition and a good tight fit with the hilt. It bears only the very slightest distortion and black oxidisation towards the blade tip due to it’s age - 231 years old. It’s a very fine example of it’s type.

The hilt is also in very good condition (nothing loose or damaged) and consists of a full Steel cup or basket with three guard bars, having a raised border decoration to the cup. There is also a thumb ring present. The grip is leather covered. There is a distinct R stamp to the reverse of the short lobe quillon.

Price: £1,650 plus posting costs.

Spanish M.1790 dragoon officer's sword

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