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I offer for sale an extremely good example of the hard to find 1854 Pattern British infantry officer's sword and scabbard, by top manufacturer Pillin of Soho, London, with research potential:


The serial number 99032 on the back spine of the blade dates the manufacture of this sword to around 1890. The acid etched blade still retains most of it’s original decoration clearly visible, which includes the original owner’s name in a monogram of three initials: “T.J.H.”. Thanks to the keen knowledge of a sword collector friend who researches Pillin made swords and their serial numbers, it has been possible to narrow down the potential owner of this sword, he being Thomas John Hounsfield, who joined the Hampshire Regiment as a Second Lieutenant in 1892, but had previously been a Lieutenant in the 4th Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, joining in March 1890. Using the British Army Lists of 1892, it would then be possible to conduct further research into the Victorian military service of Second Lieutenant Hounsfield.


The blade, which measures 32 3/4 inches, is in very good condition and sheaths well in the scabbard. There is some scuffing and rubbing to the blade surface with use of it's lifetime and two tiny areas of black oxidization towards the tip, but nothing which detracts from the overall pleasing appearance of the sword. The brass hilt is in excellent overall condition, all the fishskin and twisted wire wrap on the grip is present, undamaged and unworn. Blade and hilt are firm and tight.


The Steel scabbard fits snug with the sword, is in good condition and appears to be the original. The Drag has been altered during it it's lifetime and one of the throat screws is missing.

Victorian 1854 Pattern Infantry Officer's sword by Pillin

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