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I offer for sale a nice Victorian period hanger/cutlass sword sidearm as used by the Victorian British Police Force known as "The Peelers".


The sturdy blade is slightly curved and measures 24 inches long. It has a broad single fuller and a sharpened back edge running for the last 7 inches of the blade. No markings are visible except two very faint letters possibly on the back edge of the blade, I cannot read them. Blade and hilt are solid together - no movement. The Shagreen covered grip is in very good condition and all of the grip wire is present.


The hilt is brass and of stirrup form, no markings present.


I am offering the original leather scabbard free with the sword, it's in a very distressed condition with the stitching gone towards the chape and the chape iteself has become detached from the perished leather, but it's free with the sword.


Very good value at only £200

Victorian Police hanger Cutlass

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