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I offer for sale a mid 19th century Police sword for the Oldham Police Division XII, Lancashire, England, together with it's original wood-core leather scabbard, hanger and waist-belt. All in good general condition for equipment approx. 170 years old.


The blade is slightly curved and measures 23 1/2 inches in length, it is cut with a broad single fuller. The blade becomes double edged towards the point, having a false edge running some 9 inches. It retains a good service edge along it's cutting surface with no visible damage. The blade surface is in excellent condition, there being only a few tiny spots of black tarnish. The blade is solid with the hilt, no movement and the leather washer is in place. There are no visible maker's marks to the sword. 


The hilt is of Steel fitted with a plain "D" shaped knucklebow, flat quillon and a stepped pommel. The grip is of ribbed wood covered in sharkskin, a steel ferrule secures the front of the grip which still has it's (working) spring locking catch to lock the sword into the scabbard when not in use. This device was designed to stop criminals pulling the sword free from it's scabbard and attacking the Constable with his own sword.


The scabbard is fitted with an iron locket, frog stud and chape and is in good condition.


The scabbard attaches to a strong leather belt-loop hanger, which itself attaches to what appears to be the original issued sword belt (the surface of the leather belt is distressed in places but is not split). On the rear of the hanger is stamped into the leather "OLDHAM XII".


The white metal clasp of the belt bears the Arms of Oldham and the surround says "Oldham Police" surmounted by an Owl figure.


Victorian police swords come to the market from time to time if you are lucky with a scabbard, but this is the first time I have seen such a sword together with it's scabbard, hanger and waistbelt combined. A very rare combination and a wonderful piece of Police history from Victorian Lancashire.



Victorian sword - Oldham Police Division XII

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