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I offer for sale a rather nice Serbian Model 1920 infantry sword with it's steel scabbard. The Steel hilt is very ornate and consists of a wide, flat, ribbon, knuckle guard from out of the bottom of which emerge three thinners flat guard bars extending around the hilt to the flattened scroll quillon. Two of the guard bars support a round cypher plate on which is seen the Serbian Arms. The third bar extends around to provide a thumb guard. Acid etched or cast into the hilt bars is highly decorative Acanthus type foliage, that really sets off the hilt beautifully. This is a very pleasing sword to admire, highly decorative and well made.


The grip in made of what appears to be Lignum vitae wood and is carved into a ribbed 'pistol' type grip, there are two tiny serpentine fracture lines running either side of the grip, but they do not affect the stability or soundness or the handle at all. What has to be one of the nicest growling 'lion head' pommels I have seen, is cast in Steel and is surmounted with a tang button. An ornate ferrel collar with foliage decoration sits at the front of the grip.


Altogether, the joint between blade tang and hilt pommel is rock solid, no movement.


The blade is chrome plated, has a rebated edge and quill back, but with a deadly point. It measures 33 inches long and has a 12 inch long false edge. The chrome plated is in very good condition with only the odd tiny scratches and dark blemishes towards the point, both sides.


On one side the blade, at  the ricasso is etched ОФИЦИРСКА ЭАДРУГА (Oficirska Zadruga) and on the other side, it is stamped "Solingen" and ACS with a weighing scales motif for the sword cutler company of Alexander Coppell of Solingen Germany, in business making edged weapons between 1871 to 1999.


The Point of blade for this sword lies 5.5 inches in front of the hilt and the overall length of the sword is 39 inches.


This sword comes complete with it's Chrome plated Steel scabbard, which is in overall good condition, except for a series of tiny dark pit marks to the chrome along both sides. A single suspension loop is present.

Yugoslavian Serbian M.1920 sword

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